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Latest Resources For Designers!

So, for those of you that haven’t gotten the chance to tweet with us, well were sorry to tell you that you’re missing out on loads of freebies and fresh info on web design resources, but no worries because from now on well be bringing you at the best of our daily tweets on a regular basis for those that might have just missed it!, or who just simply can’t get enough of Web Design Shock’s feeds of information.

250 Free WordPress Themes! 2012 Edition

Believe it or not we’ve managed to sum up for you guys 250 Free Word Press Themes!…Yeah that’s right while others have settle with giving you a merely decent listing of 50, 100, or even 20 Free WordPress Themes, here at knowing how for really consumed Web designer/developer probably 150 or even 200 WP themes just wont do, so we thought that 250 would be just right!

Free New Designers And Developers Icon Set!

For those of you that had the chance to enjoy past great Iconshock freebies promoted trough our posts such as: “The Most Complete Android Style Icon Set: 15000 Icons”, and also for those of you that didn’t get a chance to get hold of them back then (wise up!…you can still get them!) here’s the new Designers and Developers Versatile 120 Icon Set from!